This post is going to be short and final. If you are drinking coca cola, pepsi or other sugar filled drinks (including sports drinks), on a daily basis then stop. They massively increase your risk of obesity and diabetes and play havoc with your blood sugar levels. This is a necessary change to make to […]

In another post I suggested that some people cut down on coffee in the morning which raises the question of what to drink instead. Of course you can just drink tea and with its lower caffeine levels this may be a better option in the morning but I have a caffeine free suggestion as well. […]

Recent research has proved again and again that short bursts of intense exercise offer many of the health benefits that longer bouts of exercise provide and may even be more effective. While nothing new this style of training is quickly coming back into fashion. This then has to be the cardio calling card of the […]

Beyond the obvious sentiment shown in the picture below cycling has lots of benefits. One that isn’t discussed very often is the fact it actually saves you time. The immediate assumption is that you lose time because cycling to work takes longer than driving but this doesn’t take into account one important factor. You are […]

This is a topic of much debate although the evidence is certainly backing coffee’s health benefits at the moment. The short answer is no. There is no need to cut down on your coffee intake at all. The long answer involves a few further considerations. When to drink coffee? If you struggle getting to sleep […]

This is an idea I first came across at Mark’s Daily Apple and I liked it so much I am going to introduce it here too. We all know how important sleep is, or at least we have all been told how important sleep is, but it is still the most common aspect of our […]

I am going to open this blog with one of my pet hates. The concept of a balanced diet as portrayed by the media. We are told all the time that you can enjoy this product as part of a balanced diet. Why? Because it helps remove the guilt of eating the product and even […]